Welcome to my blog! I decided to start this blog so I can share my knowledge and  ideas about taxes, vent my furstration with inequities, and spread my hope for the success of pending legislation. The forums from which I currently express myself, the workplace and social networks, feel limited by either professional restrictions or by fear that I am engaging in incessant badgering.

I am hoping to accomplish a couple of things by creating this blog. First and foremost, I aspire to increase awareness of the issues that the Defense of Marriage Act creates for couples that are deemed to be unmarried by the federal government. Most notably, I seek to reveal some of the far-reaching, and often unintended, tax consequences that arise as a result of the ever-controversial federal definition of the word “spouse.”

Secondly, I want to celebrate and publicize the heightened LGBT equality efforts occurring throughout the country.  We are experiencing a time of increasing support, acceptance and tolerance in both a social and legislative context.

As we navigate through bureaucratic discrimination and join efforts towards progress with great fervor, it is critical that we educate ourselves on how we can best live within a system that does not grant us equal rights and protections and how we can best create a climate in which we will no longer have to.